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 The Baby Club 07 "Rules" *EDITED PLS READ*!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: The Baby Club 07 "Rules" *EDITED PLS READ*!!!!!!!   Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:57 am

Like a Star @ heaven As with any forum there will always be opinions thrown around and I welcome them openly. Infact, I encourage you to freely speak your mind on any topics posted and replied to. There will be no censorship here when you offer your advice or want to make your opinion known. I love opinionated people, being one myself, so I hope this forum is enjoyed by all that attend it.

Like a Star @ heaven Any name calling (serious) or direct attacking on forum members will not be tolerated and will result in a ban or expulsion from the forum. Unlike alot of other forums though, I will be contacting you directly if something has occurred rather than jumping in on the bitching bandwagon. (this is about noone in particular but does occur on a few forums I frequent so I dont want it happening here. The end)

Like a Star @ heaven When signing up to the forum if you are not known by me or anyone else who posts here, you will not be given access to said forum. I dont want random people or freaks gaining access to topics about our children.

Like a Star @ heaven If you have only joined to "SPY" on me here so you can try to incriminate me in some stupid fashion because you think I am a liar and a backstabber, pls kindly remove yourself from this forum because I am not a liar and I am not a backstabber and I dont take kindly to being referred as such and I will not allow any members here calling each other those two words.


xChristine Annx
Mum to Lynken & Jaykob

Lynken's current weight: 23lbs5oz (10.56kgs)

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The Baby Club 07 "Rules" *EDITED PLS READ*!!!!!!!
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