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 Ill start the ball rollin....

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PostSubject: Ill start the ball rollin....   Sat Aug 30, 2008 12:58 am

I have 2 pets now bless them.

Toovey my dog who is an Australian terrier crossed with a Corgi and he is around 13yrs old.
He is a great dog and I dont know what I would do without him. He thinks he is an escape artist and has used up all of his nine cat lives and we've come very close to losing him over the years due to him thinking it would be fun to run away.. NAUGHTY DOG! Atm his is housebound which while it is still a little chilly, I dont think he minds (he is housebound because he got out and almost got run over and then Daniel almost got run over trying to catch him on our road). I am so terribly paranoid that he will get out again because our fence is so dodgy. (I hate landlords.)

He can do a few little tricks like beg and talk and roll over even though the roll over one takes a few goes because he is a silly billy and will just twist around in a circle while he's standing up to get a treat hahaha!!!

He is a placid dog who has always looked after Jaykob since he was born. He used to sit at his doorway or near his cot when he was a baby to look over him and he sleeps in Jaykobs room now either on his bed or under it.


Oh.. I almost forgot. And we have a bird called Marland the clownfish bird. He is a budgie and likes to hump his toy and doesnt care who is watching hahaha sicko bird!!!! LOL


xChristine Annx
Mum to Lynken & Jaykob

Lynken's current weight: 23lbs5oz (10.56kgs)
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Rachel AKA Board Bitch

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PostSubject: Re: Ill start the ball rollin....   Sat Aug 30, 2008 1:20 am

We have a dog named Bailey, he is 4ish years old(i dont remember). He's a basset hound. I got him for an anniversary presant when he was just a pup, ah he was so cute! But I have this problem that I fall so quickly in love with animals, I fall out of love with them just as quickly. Bailey is a big smelly dumb dumb that likes to jump on my kids and pee & shit in my house which is why he is an outside dog 100%. He also loves to wander the neighborhood if my stupid lawnguy leaves the gate open.

Our kitten's name is Kitty Smile We couldnt come up with anything more clever. She is awesome, does not mind any amount of abuse the kids can dish out, even though i dont let them hurt her, but you know kids can unintentionally be a lil rough. Someone dropped her off at the amish farm where i buy all of our produce from, and she was just laying there so I picked her up and started playing her like an acordion(thats my patience test). But shes awesome follows me all over and comes running when i call her.

My hubby has a couple fish that ive managed to keep alive while hes been gone. They are african cyclids, mean nasty aggressive fish that like to eat each other lol. We are going to sell them to the pet store and get pretty to look at ones (my husbands idea) when he gets back.

Rachel ~ Crunchy mommy of 4 & proud army wife.
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Ill start the ball rollin....
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